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NSU wraps up summer workouts

Tabata workout poster: Keep this on your fridge and you'll never have an excuse to skip a workout. The workout includes six Tabata intervals of exercises that focus on every type of exercise for a total-body workout. From jumping jacks to planks to bicycle crunches, get the entire Tabata printable indoor workout here . Gym-style interval workout: Bored by your normal living room workout routine? This interval workout routine features eight different moves that will work your entire body and leave you satisfyingly sweaty. <br>Source:

The ones that have stayed a lot of the young guys, surprisingly, incoming freshmen have showed a lot of promise, Murray said. There have been some good, big, strong kids that are really helping themselves. Among the beneficiaries that Murray mentioned are now Sequoyah alums Tanner Sheets and Jordan Colburn. Also, Blake Maxey of Keys and Tahlequahs Mason McMillan were those mentioned by Murray. When asked which players have made the biggest transformations during the summer months, Murray identified a couple of wide receivers. Steffon Herd has always been a good-looking kid; he just needed to get bigger. <br>Source:

You can modify the intensity by changing your hand placement or adding in progressions like a push-up with a single-leg raise. Need to build up to a full push-up? Donat forget that you can start with a pushup from your knees. Forward Lunge Stand with your feet hip-width apart and your hands on your hips. Step forward with your right leg and slowly lower your body until your right knee is bent at least 90 degrees. <br>Source:

Workouts Made Easy

As soon as you start up Butt Trainer youll be able to jump straight in to one of the pre-designed workouts to see what all Shin Ohtake Max Workouts DVD the fuss is about. Features Each workout is categorized according to its difficulty level and they have some funny names like Bringing Sexy Back and Curvaceous, and each workout displays its duration so you can plan accordingly. You get a 10-second countdown before the workout starts and then audio voice prompts will help to guide you so you dont have to keep looking at your iPhone. One thing I like about the workouts is the way the animations actually play onscreen so if you want to, so you can sync up your movements with the person in the images while also using the audio prompts as a guide. More than 100 different exercises and workouts to set your butt on fire Schedule workouts with a handy in-app calendar or Timeline view Audio vocal prompts and animations will clarify how to perform each exercise Developed by Azumio Inc. <br>Source:

High-Intensity Workouts Carry Risks, Rewards

That was all the motivation I needed to keep going," she said. Then friends and clients started asking her, "What are you doing? You're getting smaller." She credits the consistent workouts, along with sensible eating and fewer cocktails, for the results. Since starting, she says, "I watch what I eat and don't drink as much Captain and Coke." Even though the scale budged by only a few pounds in those initial 21 days, the compliments and looser clothes were proof that her body was changing in a positive way. Barre fitness isn't new it's been in this country since the '70s. But it started taking off nationally in the last decade and within the last few years in the Tampa Bay area. <br>Source:

DePaul works volleyball into workouts

For example, a recent study out of Australia found women who followed a 20-minute HIITs program lost six times more body fat than women who followed a 40-minute moderate-intensity cardio program. In another recent study, Michele Olson, a professor at Auburn University in Alabama, determined that a HIITs-style method known as Tabata blasted an average of 13.5 calories per minute compared to a mere 6 to 8 calories per minute burned in the typical cardio program. This is only part of the reason high-intensity workouts are so effective for weight loss, she said. "High-intensity exercise also has the advantage of elevating your metabolic rate post-exercise for a period of time after you stop working out so you continue to burn fat and calories at a higher rate for a long time afterwards," Olson said. "Overall, it would take five times the amount of typical cardio exercise to shed the same number of calories you can in a four-minute Tabata." Is P90X the All-Star Workout? <br>Source:

Butt Trainer app review: more than 100 different exercises and workouts to get you a butt to die for

This put the entire summer in play, but it made August more important than ever -- a natural head start for freshmen, a ramp-up for upperclassmen. All of which may or may not be helpful clarification for this rather fun video DePaul posted on YouTube Wednesday: Watching that and not knowing any better, you could assume that DePaul basketball was merely goofing off on another slow August day. Instead, the volleyball was a reprieve, and a surprise one at that; the Blue Demons went to the beach assuming they were in for another sand-stuck conditioning regimen. Sand hurts, and trainer Mac Calloway frequently utilizes that fact to his advantage. <br>Source:

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